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"France's Atlantic Coast is virtually one long sandy beach. While it cannot match the Côte d'Azur
for glamour, it is far less crowded, less expensive, less developed and less pebbly with
the green pastures of the Charente-Maritime virtually on your doorstep
(as featured on, from two of the UK's leading travel writers David Wickers and Mark Hodson).

The Area of La Rochelle & the Charente Maritime, France

We believe we've got the best of both worlds: we're close enough to UK to be easy to get to, but far enough away to be warmer (and not to be in the UK !) And the area is the second sunniest in France, after the Cote d'Azur - but without their prices or crowds!

We're in the beautiful Charente Maritime ("land & sea: the elements of success"), but we're in the 2 most interesting parts :
La Vieille Grange is in the south of it (where the countryside is more interesting/undulating) and within easy striking distance of the Aquitaine/Gironde, including the Medoc; and lively and cosmopolitan La Rochelle - the centre of the micro-climate !

We're easy to get to, only a short distance from the A10 motorway, and within easy travelling distance of a number of airports (mainly La Rochelle, Bordeaux and Poitiers) and TGV rail stations (La Rochelle, Angouleme or Bordeaux).

There are many interesting places to visit and things to do including sleepy villages and livelier towns (of which La Rochelle has a life all of its own), beaches, chateaux/wine tasting, nature reserves, fetes and festivals and (for those into them) lots of outside activities including walking, cycling, fishing, golf, horse riding and bird watching (including the brand new "Terres d'Oiseaux" bird sanctuary with 125 species over 115 hectares !) - or just sitting outside bars watching the world go by !

With year round Summer warmth available at a brand new (opened August 2002) indoor tropical lagoon/aqua pool complex at
Jonzac, just 20 minutes away from La Vieille Grange.

La Vieille Grange is set in a small hamlet of about 12 houses and a farm, in the middle of the countryside (surrounded by vines and sunflowers), but within 10 minutes of the nearest small town (Mirambeau), 10 minutes of the Gironde Estuary, 20 minutes of a larger town (Jonzac) and within 30 minutes of the nearest beach.

For lots of photos of places to go : click here
"A fine place to hear yourself think ..."
A number of tourist boards have web sites for further information about the area (or France in general):
The Practical Information and Brochure Orders sections are excellent!

La Rochelle Tourist Office

La Rochelle

English version : Charente Maritime Tourist Office

For brochures (in French) : Brochures

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