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We set our prices in euros, based upon comparable euro prices charged by local self catering accommodation.
However, we welcome payments in either euros or pounds sterling (see below). Wherever you are from, you can choose which currency you prefer to pay in!
So if you're from the UK you'll know exactly what the cost is when you book ! If you book a gite, apartment or hotel charging in euros then (due to exchange rate variations) you won't know the pound sterling equivalent until the day you make your final payment !
For bookings for La Vieille Grange : choose whichever of the following payment method suits you best

1. On-line by any of the following credit or debit cards
(through the on-line payment services of WorldPay - a major global leader in payment processing :
The process is simple :
When you e-mail or phone us to confirm you wish to book, just tell us you'd like to pay through WorldPay, we will send an invoice to your e-mail address for the amount due at that time. You pay the invoice simply by clicking on a link in the e-mail and following WorldPay's easy instructions (they are self explanatory, but if you want more detail click here)
You will automatically receive from WorldPay an e-mail confirming the payment to our account, and giving you a Transaction ID
for you to include on your Booking Form you complete and send your Booking Form to us
We cover all Worldpay transaction charges, we add no surcharge for card payments and it should be treated by your card company as any other purchase of a product or service, so you should not incur any charges from them either (apart from any normal currency exchange costs or charges if your card is in a different currency to that you use to pay us  - £ or €)
2. Manually by any of the above credit or debit cards
- through us rather than you doing it yourself on-line : If you want to pay by credit or debit card, but would prefer not to do it yourself through the above on-line system, we can process your payment ourselves if you let us have your credit card details by phone or fax (not by e-mail as this would not be secure!!) :
If you have an e-mail address you will receive e-mail confirmation direct from WorldPay that your payment has been processed by us. Don't worry - this e-mail does not contain credit card details!
   3. By cheque
- drawn on either a UK (in £ sterling) or a French (€ Euro) bank account
payable to "Martin Roberts & Chris Stevens". Enclose the cheque with your Booking Form
4. By International Bankers Draft
- payable in either £ sterling or € Euros - payable to "Martin Roberts & Chris Stevens".
Enclose the Draft with your Booking Form, we recommend you use Registered Delivery for this method.

Payment Options

"You set the highest standards for clarity and efficiency ... your arrangements are faultless !"

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